Fibre Artist

Clare Kirby

Hand quilting

Fabric dying

Silk fusion


Audubon bird guide describes their call as saying, "who cooks for you" which makes me wonder what's on the menu.

latest work

Beautiful things come together one stitch at a time.

Tea and elephants

Late night snakes

my story

She cannot be captured in words except perhaps by Blake or Kipling. 


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morning mouse morsels

This piece and Late Night Snakes were inspired by the barred owls that live in the trees surrounding my home. 


Bead work

knit work

Tyger Tyger

I am a self-taught fabric artist with a passion for hand dying and quilting. I love creating unique designs and challenging my skills as an artist. 

The places of our ancestors are the fibre of our cloth.

fIBRE events

Bridge Street Art Gallery 
Select pieces of my work are now for sale at Bridge Street Art, a vibrant gallery in Bancroft. Click here to check out their website.
23 Bridge Street
Bancroft, ON.